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posted by: JONGHYUK LEE on 2/18/2020

Would you please pray for Somalia? Formerly I requested prayer for Central African Republic and Deeply thankful for your contribution.These are the prayer details I used to pray personally,and I hope more people to participate with. -Prayer Request for Somalia- Would you please pray for Somalia? A country situated in Horn of Africa,Past 30 years suffered civil war,warlords,drought,child soldiers needs your prayer. Last two years, three quarters of the country’s livestock have perished,people are selling the last thing they have (Cattles) for a bottle water and leaving their country. On this tragic drought is rampant,Al-Shabaab (The Somali verson ISIS) is wielding atrocities. Average 219 children under five years are dying everyday,(9% before his/her first birthday, 23 out of 100 are dying before their fifth birthday). Most of them suffer complications with dehydration,pneumonia,diarrhea,measles,because lack of sanitation and drinking water break out cholera,measles,polio,babies getting blind Drought situation,most rural ground points radius 50,60 km have no water,rivers,mountains have dried out,Most of Somali populations average walk 8 hours draw water / mothers walk 100km cannot find feed their babies. 3) People under Al-Shabaab control,(Map : https://www.google.com/search?q=al+shabaab+map+2020&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiE49Lv6tjnAhVUA4gKHdn1AwsQ_AUoAXoECA0QAw&biw=1280&bih=657#imgrc=KPr0ZcsUhFKS2M) 'Being' as an ISIS branch,they perform 1) beheadings,2)genociding 'All Male' tactics,3)Females starting as 'playthings sexually',end up as brutal murder (massacres) are too common,Harsh Sharia laws leading extrajudicial killings,and summary executions Women easily exposed to violence,97% suffer female mutilations,45% suffer early marriages. Lastly about orphans,there are 590 thousand throughout Somalia,by 'specific African population pyramid produce lots of 5,6 orphans care 2,3 younger ones now facing bitter sandstorms on desert. Though stories of Somaliia still remain swarms of locusts,civilian human rights during battle,internationally discplaced Situations are beyond the borders 1) Somali State of Ethiopia 2)Marsabit,(Turkana,Mandera) state of Kenya,please pray for them. Would you please pray for : 1.May LORD save their lives of children under 5 fighting their lives with complications of dehydration,pneumonia,diarrhea,measles this moment 2.Women for 1)Pregnant-for safe birth (very important) 2)No more early marriage,pregnancy,mutilation to happen,perform 3) Women protection from violence,crime(rape) 3.People with disabilities throughout Somalia/And to more food/water truck to distribute 4.1.5 million refugees from kidnappings,malnutrition,water shortages 5.Lastly 583 thousand orphans,child soldiers,displaced,Slaves,brides' people under Al-shabaab Lastly I have added images of refugee camps sandstorms : https://www.google.com/search?q=dadaab+sandstorm&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwicue7l09PnAhVEfpQKHQLbB-UQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=dadaab+sandstorm&gs_l=img.3...5686.6884..7041...0.0..0.138.1174.0j9......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i19.3-gxnInNMzM&ei=-fBHXtzYIMT80QSCtp-oDg&bih=821&biw=1600#imgrc=g4UaOPu6XqA9pM Thank you for your attention for Somali people,Mahadsanid!
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great needs
posted by: on 11/19/2019

Please once again pray for Jay and Lima and their kids, grandkids, large extended families. Pray God will help all of them in all of these areas: (1) for strong, loving, respectful relationships with Jesus, each other and all (2) calling/purposes of God/work/employment (3) healing, deliverance, health and protection (4) help to overcome all obstacles and ALL of the great difficulties they are facing in life (5) to live by great faith that moves mountains, but to have God’s peace at all times (6) for favor with God and people and with those they need this favor with (7) for God to work NOW and endlessly so that each life will truly be defined as Holy Spirit-led and Holy Spirit-filled (8) pray specifically for all the children that God will put in them a DEEP desire to KNOW Jesus, and also to LOVE parents, and older grandparents. Pray God will deliver them from all hypoglycemia, all disrespect and selfishness in relationship to parents and others and deliver them from all mental difficulties, emotional irrationalities and imbalances, and from all the things that keep them from KNOWING Jesus and from being very good sons and daughters… and that God will do these things as FAST as possible, and protect them. *** And pray for me and Belo and all descendants that God will give us a GREAT relationship with Jesus, each other and the people God has for our lives, always filled with love and peace. Pray God will help us to always pray and read the Bible together every day AND to live out what is written in the Bible, without pressure, and just with God’s Presence and peace at all times. Pray God will also lead us forward in our call and purposes that GOD made us for, individually and mutually *** Last, pray God will draw all the hearts of the people of the USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas and world to come to truly KNOW Jesus in a saving, peaceful and very loving way, and that God will move powerfully by the Holy Spirit in the people of and visiting these nations. Pray God will put on the hearts of all the Christians and churches to consistently pray and stay in prayer too, in these nations, especially in the churches in the areas where we live. Thanks
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Prayer for the sick
posted by: Angie Thompson on 11/5/2019

Having fallen and suffering a broken rib, the prayers of the saints have been requested.
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God to help
posted by: on 10/7/2019

Pray God will help a couple with marital difficulties, work related problems, health problems and unruly, rebellious children, that God will bring help to them in all of these things and in all things not written here. They need instant miracles and their kids need Divine intervention in their lives. Additionally, pray also for a group of people in need of help in many ways that God will help them Spiritually above all and also in everything else too
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prayer requests
posted by: li on 9/28/2019

Prayer request : please help my family members to tell my grandmother that my father was passed away, besides, please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
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prayer request
posted by: li on 9/20/2019

Sorry, please pray for that my family members may believe in the Lod Jesus Christ because of my father's death. Besides , please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
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Central African Republic
posted by: JONGHYUK LEE on 9/18/2019

Would you please pray for Central African Republic? The poorest country (in 2017 index) located in Central Africa,where brutal war on nothing left dirt ground is needing your prayer Last 40 years political,military chaos,this war is fool of massacre,child soldiers,rape,torture (for civilians) these days even running drought. Now on territory where four-fifths controlled by armed groups National psychology is extremely divided into Muslim-Catholic,Anti-Balaka,Ex-Seleka 'Sword' is going through where have no absolute'Humanity' on other side civilians. Would you please pray for 74358 children suffer from acute malnutrition,643 thousand refugees,5 million people desperately need Humanitarian assistance,half (5 Million) of population cannot access to clean water, and three quarters cannot get basic sanitation,thousands of children (soldiers) used as human shields/girls used to evil against women, Now on hospital in Bangui which left a few in total Central African Republic, putting IV drips on hospital corridor for have no capacity to accept. Would you please pray for 1.Children under 5 years old fighting their lives with Pneumonia,malnutrition,influenza,stroke,tuberculosis,malaria,HIV,heart disease,diarrhoeal disease.(Most severe in CAR) Also up to 1)12 years children,2)up to 40 years adults (Population structure of CAR is concentrated on this) 2)Pregnant women (For maternal mortality rate) 3)To halt genocide (clash between people),mercy,save lives of civilians during wartime,rebel invade,and end this war 4)mercy on people/children involving battle today Lastly 5)643 thousand refugees,everyday is seating absolutely without hope,normally relief food scarce by one week without three weeks supply) 6)Female protection from violence/evil against women (for this war this too cruel for women). 7) Orphans (350 thousand),especially those have lost parents during battle,especially female children/babies. About More information organizations,Unicef past years (with staffs blood consumption) made precious report : https://www.unicef.org/media/47466/file/UNICEF_Child_Alert_CAR_2018_EN.pdf (Let me emphasize 'Esther's story') Lastly my friends,Let me short notice neighboring D R Congo,Chad the same case is spreading (if you are can please pray for them with same details).Thank you for your attention,Singîla mingi!
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posted by: Robert on 9/15/2019

Please Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez's hearing,eyes,health and memory. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her. Pray Denise finds someone to help her with her homelessness she was being emotionally tormented in the house she was living in. She was berated last week and couldn't take it anymore and left the house with her dog and is now homeless. She has no one to help her. Pray GOD sends someone to help her and give her a place to live without having to struggle. She was injured at her last job and is on workman's comp.
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Prayer for bereaved families
posted by: Carol Woodard on 9/12/2019

Prayer requested for the family of Tyrone Braziel and the family of Lenell Mintz
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posted by: on 9/10/2019

Please again pray for Jay and Lima that God will greatly and continuously help them and all their many family members in these areas: Spiritually, relationships, health, protection, time management, marriage, helpers of many kinds to come and help them, and these areas too, mentally, emotionally, in employment and provisions, calling from God, and for peace and God to open doors that would normally be kept shut. Please additionally also especially pray that God will quickly, permanently and miraculously deliver their descendants from all drugs, alcohol, reckless sexual behavior, hypoglycemia, anxiety, driving intoxicated, dangerous lifestyles and from selling themselves short in relationships with people who are unfaithful to them. Please also pray God will help them to pray and really come to know Jesus and to live out HIS best plans for them? They need God to intervene, will you please pray for these things? Last here, please pray also for me and Belo and kids that God will help, build and protect out issues related to marriage, provisions, wisdom, rest and peace, to keep praying together and reading the Bible and other books together, health and that longstanding difficulties will be resolved in our lives with the right people helping us and no more wrong people to enter our lives who could hurt us. Pray God will bless USA, Argentina, Islas Malvinas and the world with saving and revival inducing Spiritual encounters with Jesus. Thank you
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